Dementia: Best Practices

Date: 9/18/2013
Time: 5pm Speaker(s): George Scott, MD and Brandon Dennis, Psy.D
Continuing Education Unit Hours: 3

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Event Contact(s):
Rebecca Richmond, MPH, CPH
Rehab Continuing Education Coordinator
Phone: 502-582-7673

This 3 hour course is geared towards rehab professionals seeking to understand dementia best practices including causes, symptoms, treatment. In addition, this course will explain the roles of neuropsychological evaluation as well as the cognitive and behavioral changes that occur with dementia.


5pm  Introduction and Overview
5:15pm  Causes – Irreversible and Reversible
5:30pm  Symptoms
5:45pm  Diagnosis
6:00pm  Treatment
                     Med Therapy
                     Self care at home
6:30pm  BREAK/DINNER (provided)
7pm   Neuropsychological Evaluation
7:30pm  Rehab Professional Roles in Treatment
7:45pm  Behavioral Changes—Cognitive/Behavioral
8:15pm  Resources
8:30pm  Adjourn


• Understand the irreversible and reversible causes of dementia
• Identify symptoms of dementia
• Determine treatment methods including med therapy, self care and support groups
• Understand the neuropsychological evaluation and its role in diagnosing and tracking progression of dementia
• Identify the roles rehabilitation professionals play in treatment

PT, OT, SLP, Nursing, Psychology, Social Work, Physicians, Students, Family,Caregivers




Rudd Heart and Lung Conference Center

201 Abraham Flexner Way
Louisville, KY 40202
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Event Pricing

Professional $75.00
PRN and VNA employees $60.00
Students, Family, Caregiver $25.00



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