Who Needs Home Care

There are many good reasons for wanting an ill or recuperating loved one to be cared for at home. Home care is a humane and compassionate way to deliver health care, because it enables patients to enjoy the comfort, privacy and convenience of home. Home care is a cost-effective alternative to institutional care.

Some typical cases in which home health care may be appropriate for patients:

  • A patient has been discharged from the hospital but is not fully recovered or has a condition that needs monitoring (e.g. surgery, heart attack, stroke).
  • A person has a chronic condition and requires care until he/she has stabilized (e.g. heart/lung disease, diabetes).
  • An infant born prematurely goes home but requires monitoring.
  • An accident victim suffers fractures and needs therapy.
  • Someone recently diagnosed with a disease needs education about the illness and help coping with it (e.g. high blood pressure).
  • After delivering a baby, a woman needs follow-up care/support at home.
  • A family is caring for an elderly, disabled or sick family member and needs education or additional support.
  • A person is being hospitalized repeatedly or is experiencing prolonged hospital stays.
  • Someone is in the final stages of an incurable disease.

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