Ventricular Assist Devices

Over the years, Jewish Hospital has worked in conjunction with the University of Louisville School of Medicine to establish itself as a national leader in the clinical research and development of ventricular assist devices (VADs).

VADs, which are used as bridges to transplants, are machines that help a weakened heart pump blood throughout the body, most often giving lifesaving support to patients unable to wait for a donor heart to become available. The VAD allows the heart to rest, heal and grow stronger before the stress of transplant surgery. Physicians are encouraged to refer patients to the Heart Failure and Cardiac Transplant Center while they remain strong enough to better tolerate these procedures.

Jewish Hospital has FDA approval to use portable Novacor®, Thoratec®, and Heartmate® ventricular assist devices in patients who can be safely monitored in an off-hospital setting while they wait for a suitable donor heart. On average, patients may remain on a VAD up to six months while being monitored.

For more information on VADs, click here.



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