Community and Work Re-Entry


Outpatient Rehab and Ongoing Therapy

Recovery from a stroke is a long-term process. While most patients are discharged home after only a few weeks of inpatient rehab, ongoing services will be needed to continue the recovery process. The rehab team will make recommendations for continued therapy, which may include outpatient therapy with Frazier’s NeuroRecovery Rehab Program or at any of Frazier’s outpatient locations, or home health therapy through VNA Nazareth Home Care or another home care organization.

Outpatient therapy is an excellent opportunity for community re-entry, as well as greatly improving overall endurance. Because the person must leave the home for therapy, they are more likely participating in activities that were routine prior to the stroke (grooming, getting dressed, getting in/out of the car).

Skilled Nursing and Long Term Care

Some patients who continue to require 24-hour nursing care and a less intense level of therapy may be discharged to a skilled nursing facility. Other patients may need more intensive treatment at a long term care facility. We can make appropriate referrals for skilled nursing facility placements and specialized long term care facility programs if necessary.


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