Premier Gynecology & Obstetrics features OB/GYNs from group practices to form a new partnership.

Twenty-five of Louisville’s preeminent OB/GYNs from group practices that include Louisville Physicians for Women, Louisville OB/GYN, Partners in Women’s Health and Total Woman are coming together to form a new physician partnership: Premier Gynecology and Obstetrics (PGO).

PGO will be affiliated with Jewish Hospital Medical Center East for leading-edge diagnostic imaging and gynecological surgical procedures.

Together, these trusted physicians and Medical Center East will offer women a respectful, advanced and professional healthcare experience unlike any other.

“Our vision for this new partnership is to become Kentucky’s premier women’s health program and offer patients a new standard-setting level of care,” said Kimberly Alumbaugh, M.D., Executive Director of Women’s Services at Jewish Hospital & St. Mary’s HealthCare.”

The new Premier Gynecology and Obstetrics will feature:

  • physicians and staff who are completely focused on women’s health
  • personalized care from physicians who are present and take time to really listen
  • assistance in coordinating services outside of the physician’s office
  • access to the latest treatments and techniques
  • improved care through physician collaboration

Jewish Hospital Medical Center East, in collaboration with PGO, will offer:

  • proven high-quality, cost-effective care
  • “one-stop” location for diagnostics and surgery
  • leading-edge technology
  • fast-track results reporting
  • enhanced patient-focused care experience distinguished by personalized attention and patient privacy

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call:

Louisville OB/GYN
(502) 893-6777

Partners in Women’s Health
(502) 895-1111

Louisville Physicians for Women
(502) 897-2531

Susan G. Bornstein, MD, PLLC
(502) 893-6777

Total Woman
(502) 894-9494

For a listing of Premier Gynecology & Obstetrics Physicians, please click here.



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