Frazier Rehab Institute - Medical Center East

3920 Dutchmans Lane
Louisville, KY 40207
Phone: 502-259-6608
Fax: 502-259-6605

Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy

Services are provided by physical, occupational and speech therapists with experience in treating orthopaedic injuries, chronic pain, sports medicine injuries, neck and back conditions, biomechanical ankle/foot dysfunctions, hand and other upper extremity injuries, vestibular rehabilitation, post-operative treatment, swallowing difficulties, neurodegenerative disease (such as Parkinson’s and Multiple Sclerosis) and neurological conditions.

Features & Services

  • Open gym with state-of-the-art equipment
  • Private treatment booths and rooms
  • Therapists with specialty training in care, treatment and management of amputees, chronic pain, ergonomics, hand therapy, lymphedema, manual therapy, neurological conditions (including stroke, Multiple Scoliosis, Parkinsons disease, etc.)  orthopaedics and work rehab injuries
  • Speech-Language therapist with experience in assessment and treatment of adults with voice, cognitive/neuro-disorders and Parkinson’s Disease
  • Speech-Language therapist with specialty training in Lee Silverman Voice Therapy
  • Videofluoroscopy of the swallow
  • Vestibular rehab services
  • Modalities to reduce pain and swelling and promote muscle re-education




7 a.m. - 6 p.m., Monday through Friday

9 a.m. -12 p.m. Saturday


Services Available at Frazier Rehab Institute - Medical Center East




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