Cognitive Rehabilitation on the Continuum of Recovery: The How To's

Date: 9/22/2012
Time: 8:00am Speaker(s): Darryl Kaelin, M.D., Kathy Panther, M.S., CCC-SLP
Continuing Education Unit Hours: 7.5

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Rebecca Richmond, MPH, CPH
Rehab Continuing Education Coordinator
Phone: 502-582-7673

This comprehensive course has been designed with clinicians from all disciplines in mind who participate in the rehabilitation of cognitively impaired patients post acquired brain injury (ABI). The cognitive domains of attention, memory and executive functions are the primary focus of the course with special emphasis placed on the significance of cognition in our daily lives and what the patient is experiencing when cognition is affected by an ABI. This "how to" course will address evidenced based therapeutic interventions and approaches to cognitive rehab, and will emphasize the impact of impaired cognition on emotional adjustment post ABI. Videos of treatment techniques will illustrate practice methodologies.


Every profession working with the acquired brain injury (ABI) population participates regularly in cognitive rehab even if they are not directly providing therapy. This course is geared toward an interdisciplinary audience addressing cognitive rehabilitation through the care continuum. The course instructors are Frazier Rehab Institute ABI team members who provide cognitive rehabilitation to ABI survivors and psychoemotional support to patients and their families. The following topics will be addressed by the course instructors:

  • Outcome, performance, and behavior scales used in ABI programs.
  • Neuropharmacologic treatment of cognition and behavior in brain injury.
  • The prevalence, role, and manifestations of agitation that characterize the acute phase of ABI recovery and the use of the Agitated Behavior Scale and appropriate coping strategies.
  • The evidence base and effective methods for intervention with the cognitive domains of attention, memory, and executive functions across the stages of recovery.
  • The rationale and methods for incorporating cognitive rehab into physical therapy interventions.
  • Facilitation of psychoemotional adjustment in the acute phase of brain injury recovery.
  • Common psychoemotional issues that complicate the rehab process, psychotherapy interventions used to address those issues and alleviate psychiatric symptoms, and how psychotherapy is adapted to address the unique needs of the cognitively impaired patient.
  • Future directions of cognitive rehab evidence and solutions to barriers to effective cognitive rehab.


  1. Demonstrate knowledge of the cognitive domains of attention, memory and executive functions.
  2. Demonstrate knowledge of the cognitive deficits associated with acquired brain injury (ABI).
  3. Expand knowledge of effective cognitive rehabilitation interventions across the care continuum and stages of recovery.
  4. Identify the impact of cognitive impairments post ABI upon emotional adjustment in both the survivor and the family.


    7:30- Registration/Continental breakfast
    8:00 - Continuum Melissa Stover, OTR/L
    8:45 - Neuropharmacology in Brain Injury Darryl Kaelin, MD
    9:45 - Agitation and Agitated Behavior Scale Abbey Roach, Ph.D
    10:15 - Break
    10:30 - Attention Thea Sellers, M.S., CCE-SLP
    11:15 - Memory Misty Agne, SLP
    12-1 - Lunch (on your own)
    1:00 - Executive Functions Leigh Ann Weidmar, M.S.
    2:00 - Cognitive Physical Therapy Natalie Smith, PT, DPT
    2:30 - Break
    2:45 - Emotional Adjustment Inpatient Courtney Smith, Ph.D
    3:30 - Emotional Adjustment Outpatient Brooke Shriner, Ph.D
    4:15 - Research Implications and Close Kathy Panther, M.S., CCC-SLP


Jewish Hospital

Rudd Heart and Lung Conference Center
201 Abraham Flexner Way
Louisville, KY 40202
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