Jewish Diabetes Care

Group Program Class Agenda

Class 1: On the Road to Better Managing Your Diabetes
Many of the basic concepts relating to diabetes and managing diabetes will be the focus of class 1. A free glucose meter will be provided to all participants currently without one.

Class 2: Diabetes and Health Eating

All participants will engage in a more detailed discussion about the connection between food and diabetes and the importance of healthy eating as it relates to managing the condition.

Class 3: Monitoring Your Blood Glucose
The importance of monitoring blood glucose, managing high and low levels and how to use the results from monitoring to better manage diabetes will be discussed.

Class 4: Continuing Your Journey with Diabetes
The last class in the series covers more complex concepts related to diabetes, including the natural course of diabetes, medicine options, what insulin is and how it works, long-term complications associated with diabetes and the ABCs (A1C, blood pressure, cholesterol) of diabetes.

Classes are two to two and a half hours long and are offered at Sts. Mary & Elizabeth Hospital and Jewish Hospital Medical Center Northeast. Medicare and many personal insurance companies cover diabetes education. For more information, or to register for the program, please contact (502) 361-6025.


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