General Household Safety

We use our hands so frequently that we rarely stop to consider how much they are exposed. It is important to think safety for your hands and prevention is the way to do it. Here are some general safety tips to help keep your hands as healthy as possible:

  • Warm soap and water should always be used to keep hands clean.
  • Fingernails should be carefully and routinely cleaned, clipped regularly and rough edges should be filed (don't allow nails to remain dirty). Never bite or chew fingernails.
  • Wear protective gloves when cleaning with harmful chemicals.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher in the kitchen.
  • Do not put water on a grease fire. Leave the flaming pan in place and put out the fire with an extinguisher.
  • If a burn occurs, immediately place the injured area in cold water, then contact a doctor.
  • Be alert when using knives in the kitchen. Always cut away from hands.
  • Trash cans and bags can lead to serious injury - your hands will inevitably find the dirty, sharp object your eye could not see.
  • Be certain to know what dishes have been placed in dishwater; the blade of a sharp knife may lead to a cut.
  • To prevent crushed fingers or hands, do not slam doors shut.

To learn more about the Jewish Hospital Hand Care Center, please contact 502-587-4799. For additional information on hand care emergencies, call (502) 540-3727.


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