Living Kidney Donor Transplant Program

The Jewish Hospital Transplant Center offers a multi-disciplinary team approach to the living kidney donor process. Living kidney donation takes place when a living person donates one of their kidneys to someone in need of a transplant. This donor can be a friend, relative or an anonymous donor.

The Transplant Center works to provide minimally invasive surgical techniques, which result in shorter hospital stays and a quicker recovery time. The transplant team includes surgeons, nephrologists, psychologists, transplant coordinators, social workers and an Independent Donor Advocate, along with other ancillary team members all working together to ensure you have the best medical care possible.

Jewish Hospital performed its first living donor kidney transplant in 1964 with survival outcomes consistently above the standard living donor recipient statistics. In fact, in recent years, all patients who received a living donation organ were still alive and well one-year post-transplant as opposed to 97% of those recipients who received deceased organs. The rates are excellent for both living and deceased donor transplants, but even stronger for those who are given the gift of life by a living friend or relative. There are many benefits to living kidney donation, including better outcomes for the organ recipient, decreased wait time for a transplant and advanced preparation time for surgery.

Organ Donation Saves Lives

Many people don't realize that for kidneys, living donation is an option. Learn more from this inspiring story of a daughter who gave one of her kidneys to save her mother.  For information on live donation, call the Living Donor Transplant Coordinator at Jewish Hospital at 502-587-4358. For information on live donation, call the Living Donor Transplant Coordinator at Jewish Hospital at 502-587-4358.  The living donor application form is available hereApplication for the National Living Donor Assistance Center .



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