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Jewish Hospital Transplant Pharmacy Service

The Jewish Hospital Transplant Pharmacy is a service patients can trust and is offered to all past and current transplant recipients. Clinical pharmacists and dedicated technicians work side-by-side with the transplant coordinators to assure each patient’s medication regimen is accurate and on time, providing a multidisciplinary approach to transplant care. Individuals utilizing this service receive complimentary assessments of their medication needs on a regular basis, provided by a Jewish Hospital Transplant Pharmacy Services team member. Having a transplant pharmacy expert available and working with the other transplant team members allows for consistent therapies, appropriate medication adherence and the best possible outcomes.

Transplant Pharmacy Services include:

  • One-on-one consultation about medication(s)
  • Mail delivery to the home
  • Access to clinical pharmacists trained in post-transplant care for any questions
  • Regular telephone check-ups with the Jewish Hospital team about medication usage, needs and questions
  • Refill reminders and automatic refills
  • Three month supply of medications
  • Free Welcome Kit

In addition, we will work with the patient and his or her insurance company to obtain the best possible scenario for any out-of-pocket expenses you may incur and help with claims submissions if needed.

To find out how Jewish Hospital Transplant Pharmacy Services can help you in your post-transplant care, please contact one of the following:

For Kidney, Liver or Pancreas Outpatient Coordinators:
502-587-4358, Option 4
Toll-free 1-800-866-7539, Option 1, then Option 4

For Heart and Lung Outpatient Coordinators:
502-587-4384, Option 3 for Heart Transplant or Option 4 for Lung Transplant
Toll-free 1-800-866-7539, Option 2, then Option 3 for Heart Transplant or Option 4 for Lung Transplant

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this service differ from others?

Creating and sticking to a medication regimen is imperative to a patient’s transplant outcome over the long-run. Since our pharmacy works directly with the transplant team, a patient will receive more than just prescriptions — he or she will receive clinical excellence and oversight from the Transplant Center team of physicians, coordinators and nurses who specialize in transplant care.

What if I am already on other medications that are filled at another pharmacy?

First, if you are currently taking other medications and have been advised that you can continue to do so after your transplant, the Jewish Hospital Transplant Pharmacy Service team will assess the possibility for drug interactions and plan your medication therapy to avoid issues. Second, if you would like to move the prescriptions you currently have to our service for convenience, we will work with your pharmacy to get those transferred for you.

How can I begin using the Jewish Hospital Transplant Pharmacy service?

Ask your transplant coordinator, who will put you in touch with our designated transplant pharmacy team, to help in getting this service started for you. The coordinator will take your insurance information and inform the pharmacy of the prescriptions you will need post-transplant, as well as the prescriptions you are already taking. Any questions you have about your medication(s) can be answered by a team member from the Jewish Hospital Transplant Pharmacy Service.


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