Nursing Quality Council

The Nursing Quality Council consists of nursing team members from Kentucky One Health Louisville Area Facilities inpatient nursing units. The council monitors and evaluates the appropriateness and effectiveness of care provided by the nursing staff while assessing and ensuring compliance with established standards of care and practice. The council oversees the nurse sensitive quality indicators, monitors and evaluates patient outcomes/dashboards, and collaborates with the Quality, Safety, & Risk (QRS) team to ensure the delivery of safe patient care.

The purpose of the Nursing Quality Council is to:

  • Develop, revise and approve the annual Nursing Quality Improvement Plan, in collaboration with the QRS team, and complete and annual evaluation of the effectiveness of the plan.
  • Approve and monitor unit based quality improvement plans.
  • Integrate the nursing quality improvement process with the hospital plan to identify trends and patterns of performance that affect more than one department or service line.
  • Review and evaluate data (Patient Classification, NDNQI, unit audit data, benchmark, Core Measures, etc.) and incorporate the data to develop action plans in collaboration with unit based councils to ensure quality patient outcomes.
  • Monitor and ensure compliance with state, federal, and regulatory standards.
  • Collaborate with the Nursing Education Council and the QRS team to strategically plan and develop educational programs and continuing education specific to quality and patient safety.
  • Collaborates with other disciplines to monitor and evaluate compliance to standards and make recommendations to enhance continuous quality improvement and safety.
  • Oversee the process for timely and accurate data submission/reports.
  • Monitor, analyze, and evaluate data relative to nursing quality and safety practices.
  • Support ongoing efforts to seek opportunities for continuous improvement.

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