Medical/Surgical Nursing

Medical/Surgical Nursing at KentuckyOne Health Louisville Area Facilities is dedicated to excellent patient care in a stable, goal-oriented environment where patients and nurses work together in the healing process.

Comprised of seven specialties, medical/surgical units are located in Cardiology , Neurology, Oncology , Orthopedics , the Transplant Center, general medical and post-op surgical units.

In order to provide patients with the best care at the appropriate level, some units, such as Neurology, are considered mixed units. This allows patients to be cared for in the specialty that is appropriate for their care and to stay with the same staff until discharge. Nurses on mixed units receive advanced training in the specialty and for the varied level of care. 

JHSMH nurses are encouraged to play an active role in both the patient’s plan of care during their stay at the hospital as well as the discharge plan. Nurses participate in rounds with the care manager and work with the patient on meeting daily goals to ensure they play an active role in the healing process.
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