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Clinical Advancement Program

The Clinical Advancement Program provides opportunities for staff nurses of varying clinical practice to demonstrate excellence in the field of nursing with recognition through financial rewards. Originally initiated in 1991, the program has undergone revisions to more diligently guide nurses in the pursuit of quality patient care, staff retention and overall career satisfaction.

This two-tier program is aimed at the highest quality, clinically competent, nursing staff working within the organization.  Applicants submit required portfolio documentation to the Clinical Advancement Review Board for approval of advancement from Registered Nurse through Clinical Leader and finally to Clinical Expert.

Once advancement is granted, the staff nurse is responsible for maintaining the level of clinical practice exemplified by their designation. The Magnet Program model components provide the foundation for the Clinical Advancement program requirements.

Requirement categories include:

  • Quality of Nursing Leadership
  • Professional Development
  • Image of Nursing
  • Quality of Care
  • Nurses as Teachers
  • The Community and The Hospital

Clinical Advancement Program Application

Clinical Advancement Program Contacts

Advanced Certification/Review

KentuckyOne Health Louisville Area Facilities encourages and supports nurses in obtaining their national certification. To remove the barrier of cost, the organization will reimburse the cost of certification exam fees if it applies to that nurses’ specific area of practice.

A number of support materials covering various specialties are offered for review and study purposes. In-house review courses are also available in several fields of practice.

We invite you to join our rapidly growing number of certified nurses. Get started on your road to being certified today .

Advanced Degree Program

The Advanced Degree Program is only for current employees and nurses seeking to move up from an Associate Degree (ASN) to a Bachelors Degree (BSN).

The program is a branch of educational loan program.  Applicants must be a current team member free from written discipline for the past 12 months.  Those accepted into the program are eligible to receive up to $6,000 per calendar year and can re-apply each year while still enrolled in school for an additional $6,000.

Advanced Degree Program requirements:

  • Must be admitted into a BSN program and have a 3.0 cumulative G.P.A.
  • May use tuition assistance ($2,500 full-time & $1,250 part-time)
  • Cannot be currently working off an educational loan contract
  • A 1-year full-time work commitment is required for each $6,000 received. The commitment is extended 1.5 times for RNs working part-time.
  • All funds are taxed on the dollar amount received (IRS requirement)

Apply for an educational loan on-line or for additional information related to the Advanced Degree Program, please contact Vicki Duvall at


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